Galette des Rois – Epiphany King Cake

Dear friends & followers, I haven’t been very good & didn’t post recipes lately but I missed you and I am now back in business ! What is this Frenck King Cake tradition?
This « Galette des Rois » is traditionally shared at Epiphany, on January 6th but you can find them in every bakery in France pretty much during the whole month of January … It celebrates the arrival of the Three Wise Men, Melchior, Caspar & Balthazar coming to welcome and see Baby Jesus. But like many Christian festivals, January 6th corresponds to what was orginally a pagan festival, celebrated by the Romans for the winter solstice and where a Kink or Queen was chosen for one day, by hiding a white or black bean in the cake. It is nowadays a famous cake composed of a puff pastry filled with frangipane (a cream made out of butter, sugar, eggs and sweet almond powder) and where we hid inside a small porcelain figure called the « fève”. My daughters & son love this day as the tradition would say that the youngest kids go under the table when it is time to serve the cake, and they will be the one designated which slice goes to who :a very easy & practical way for the adults to make sure the kid gets the “fève” and is crowned King or Queen 🙂 If you are only between grownups,  the person who gets the slice of cake with the porcelain figure can choose his Queen (or King), and may have some obligations such as singing a song or cooking for everyone … This is a very easy recipe that you can do with your kids and nevertheless DELICIOUS ! Continue reading

Christmas magic


IMG_6423Christmas is magic. I still remember the surprise in my kids’ eyes when they discover that Santa ate almost all the cookies left the night before by the tree, drank the Cognac & the milk (what a weird mix by the way ! Only Santa can do that !), the reindeers bite into the carrots … and all of them being so messy leaving crumbs and dirt everywhere … My mother knows how to make sure the magic is there for our Christmas lunch, she is the best when it comes to delicate food, table decoration, flower composition … well, you can be sure that all will be just perfect if you come over to her house. This year, we celebrated the 25th at her house with the rest of the family and I wanted to share with you some pictures of the magic…







Christmas Almond Sugar Cookies

IMG_6372IMG_6360IMG_6383Baking Christmas cookies is tradition on the 24th, we usually do plenty. I have to fight to make sure my daughters, son &   husband don’t eat them all once out of the oven … then, I try to keep some for the family and the rest for Santa of course ! After many tests, I finally came up with my perfect recipe, both for the cookies and for the frosting. The cookies themselves are very tasty and not rock solid (we care about Santa’s teeth 🙂 ) and the frosting … humm, delightful, the right amount between the butter, cream cheese, sugar and vanilla. The frosting dries well enough for you to pack them in treat bags to offer to your loved ones on the 25th. MERRCHRISTMAS TO AL!


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Fireman Birthday Party with Fire Engine cake and sugar cookies

IMG_5859IMG_5861IMG_5860My Son turned 2 not so long ago and he is a BIG fan of the serie “Sam the Fireman” (also Toy Story but I had to make a choice and a firefighter cake seemed easier than a Buzz lightyear cake at that time .. 🙂 )
I love Theme Birthday party for kids, it just sounds more fun and you can be sure they will remember forever (ok , maybe not at 2 … ). My eldest daughter still remembers when I did Noddy’s car as birthday cake for her 3 year-old !
So here I am, starting early morning doing the sugar cookies and decorating them with Royal icing, baking the 3 cakes for the Fire Engine Birthday Cake and decorating my table with special firefighter Name Tag !
IMG_5875So, if you have another “Sam the Fireman” fan at home, here some ideas that I hope will be useful ! I have posted below the recipe for the Sugar cookies. Be careful ! They are highly addictive !

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Rainbow cake for Rainbow Theme Birthday Party !

My youngest daughter turned 8 years old in October.
She is a very lively and funny girl so I decided that “the colors of the rainbow” would be the perfect theme for her birthday! So you can imagine there was no other choice than to try the famous RAINBOW CAKE  …  so here I am, checking recipes online, asking friends and colleagues for ideas, which kind of cream I will put inside the cake and for the frosting …I realize there was many options but I finally came up with the one below and I must say I was quite happy with the results ! I certainly got the “WOWs” I was expecting when I cut the cake … and also after the first bite 🙂         Mission accomplished ! Continue reading

Halloween Pumpkin Rice Krispies Treats

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