Galette des Rois – Epiphany King Cake

Dear friends & followers, I haven’t been very good & didn’t post recipes lately but I missed you and I am now back in business ! What is this Frenck King Cake tradition?
This « Galette des Rois » is traditionally shared at Epiphany, on January 6th but you can find them in every bakery in France pretty much during the whole month of January … It celebrates the arrival of the Three Wise Men, Melchior, Caspar & Balthazar coming to welcome and see Baby Jesus. But like many Christian festivals, January 6th corresponds to what was orginally a pagan festival, celebrated by the Romans for the winter solstice and where a Kink or Queen was chosen for one day, by hiding a white or black bean in the cake. It is nowadays a famous cake composed of a puff pastry filled with frangipane (a cream made out of butter, sugar, eggs and sweet almond powder) and where we hid inside a small porcelain figure called the « fève”. My daughters & son love this day as the tradition would say that the youngest kids go under the table when it is time to serve the cake, and they will be the one designated which slice goes to who :a very easy & practical way for the adults to make sure the kid gets the “fève” and is crowned King or Queen 🙂 If you are only between grownups,  the person who gets the slice of cake with the porcelain figure can choose his Queen (or King), and may have some obligations such as singing a song or cooking for everyone … This is a very easy recipe that you can do with your kids and nevertheless DELICIOUS ! Continue reading

Marie-Pierre’s Apricot Cake – THE Perfect Cake for Juicy Fruits !

IMG_8424IMG_8416IMG_8423This cake has its little story … Marie-Pierre is the sweetest & most caring person I have ever met. We both have the same passion for baking (and for ice cream… ) & never missed an opportunity to share recipes. Working for the same company, we were sitting close one to another for a few years, and it must have been mid summer when she brought this delicious cake to work, made with the best Apricots of the Valais Region in Switzerland. She kindly shared her recipe with me and since then, I bake it on a regular basis, with fresh apricots or with cherries, frozen berries … any juicy fruits I have  ! Thank you Marie-Pierre for your kindness always and see you soon for a coffee … and ice cream !IMG_8413

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Lemon Cake with Poppy Seeds





After the heavy/chocolate Easter week-end, I felt the need for a light & fresh lemon cake. I actually adapted my Orange Fondant recipe, swapped the oranges with organic lemons, adding some poppy seeds too 🙂 I made lemon syrup to pour on the cake, and added home-made candied lemon on top: MEGA citrus cake ! Moist in the inside, and with the crunch of the candied lemon and the fun of the poppy seeds ! This is definitely a winner and goes on my Top 10 list ! 🙂  Continue reading

French “Broyé du Poitou” Shortbread with Almonds

IMG_7425 copyIMG_7429IMG_7427IMG_7431The Broyé du Poitou is a large, flat shortbread biscuit from the Poitou-Charentes region of France and made from sugar, flour, butter and eggs as main ingredients. It was originally made to feed farm workers in the fields and was shared by simply breaking it into pieces with a sharp tap in the center of the biscuit .. Rustic right ?!! Then, everyone could choose his piece, large or small .. There is many controversy on the original recipe, with or without eggs, baking powder ? … well, I have my own recipe with some vanilla, almonds .. and rum ! (no wonder everyone loves it 🙂). You can decide to do it the original way by making a big galette to be broken into pieces or you can cut it in squares with a knifes, doing equal-sized individual biscuits. IMG_7422 Continue reading

Chunky Peanut Butter Cookies

IMG_7322IMG_7326IMG_7323When it comes to peanut butter, you usually fall into 2 categories: the lover or the hater. I have the two categories at home. On my side, I like it but I am not 100% crazy about it ( I am more a Nutella lover that is for sure !). Upon repeated requests from the Lover category at home, I decided to have a go at it and it turned out pretty well … As I wasn’t used to bake with Peanut Butter, I decided to try a recipe from a Peanut Butter Fan : Sally ! She has amazing recipes in her book : Sally’s Baking Addiction Cookbook. I liked the idea to have Butter Roasted Peanut Crunch in the cookies and have adapted the recipe a bitContinue reading

Yogurt Crust Apple Pie with Raspberry Jam

IMG_7312IMG_7311IMG_7309I don’t think I am mistaken if I say we all have used once a “ready-made” pie crust: because we are in a rush, or suddenly, your lovely daughter tells you at 10pm that she has to bring a pie at school for the next morning and you are running out of flour … well, those pre made crust are super practical I must admit, but flavor  has nothing to do with the original homemade crust that you make from scratch. And after all, the homemade pie crust doesn’t take that long to do, only 30min to chill and you can also make it in advance, freeze it .. so no more excuses for “ready made” pie crust ! And once you will try this Yogurt Pie Crust, you will agree with me 🙂 Thank you Margherita for this DELICIOUS recipe I found on her great blog La Petite Casserole”. I didn’t make the jam myself as it is not yet the raspberry season. You can replace it by any jam you like: cranberry, red currant, quince …

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Oatmeal Raisin & Walnut Cookies

IMG_7280IMG_7283IMG_7282After the recent & to-die-for “Hazelnut-Walnut Nutella Brownies” recipe, I had to come with a sweet snack for my kids (and for me !!)  that was a bit more healthy …  (Oh Boy … I need to hide this Nutella jar somewhere !!).  I also resisted very hard not  to add some chocolate chip in this cookie recipe .. Healthy ! .. Healthy ! … I kept on reminding myself. So from all the cookie recipes, my choice went for the traditional Oatmeal cookies, loaded with raisins and chopped walnuts, a recipe I got inspired from the cooking book: “Sally’s Baking Addiction” and have adapted. It turned out better than expected: the brown sugar with the Panela (Rapadura) and the Molasses gives its sweet, chewy and dark-rich flavor that you can’t resist. Continue reading

Hazelnut-Walnut Nutella Brownies



Finally ! I was craving for this Nutella Brownies recipe since long time now … and I must admit this is not the healthiest recipe (don’t try the bikini just yet …) but once in a while, it is soooo good ! On top, I think my kids at home wouldn’t have talked to me this week-end if I wouldn’t have done it … It has been some time I promised them Nutella brownies ..  needless to say it was long time overdue. I found this recipe on the delicious blog “Sweet and savoury pursuits”: Thank you Fida, I told you I will try your recipe soon ! Now, I need to run (literally … need to loose those “nutella/love” handles .. 🙂 ) Continue reading

Healthy Dry Fruits & Chocolate Bread


On Wednesdays, a colleague of mine started what is now a Tradition at the office: bringing fresh croissants and pain au chocolat for the whole team. We are around 10 people and every Wednesday, someone is in charge of bringing the breakfast at the office. We gather at 8:30am with our morning cappuccinos and enjoy a breakfast all together. Since a few weeks and after the “New Year’s resolutions”, we decided that croissant and pain au chocolat were a bit “restrictive”  … so since then, we had different Wednesday breakfasts with apple tart, yogurts, homemade cakes … and tomorrow is my turn to bring breakfast so I decided to come up with an healthy option that would be perfect for an “Office morning Breakfast” ! Hope they will like it because I love it, for breakfast or afternoon tea, this bread is simply delicious. Continue reading

Blueberry Muffins

Just like me, I am sure you couldn’t resist to those big dark & juicy blueberries, they are just perfect for muffins.  With my eldest daughter, we ate 2 muffins each with a big cup of tea not so long after they were out of the oven. And then, scratched our heads finding some excuses to the rest of family while there was  only a couple left …(The Neighbour’s dog ? Big Giant Hungry Muffin Monster ? The Gruffalo ? … ) well, they didn’t believe us (incredible, right ?) and I had to bake another patch 🙂

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