Baked Broccoli & Parmesan Egg Gratin with Homemade Garlic Bread


It is finally the week end. However, the first shiny days of spring we enjoyed during the week have now been replaced by a grey-rainy morning.  I had my cappuccino and kids a late breakfast so I decided to go for a light quick & easy lunch, browsing what I have in the fridge: Broccoli, Eggs and Parmesan … and a few slices of bread of course 🙂 I noticed this recipe in the “Delicious” magazine (March 2014 issue) since some time and always thought it will be perfect for a brunch or whenever I don’t feel like having a heavy lunch. You can replace this vegetarian version by also adding some bacon.IMG_7297IMG_7298

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Healthy Dry Fruits & Chocolate Bread


On Wednesdays, a colleague of mine started what is now a Tradition at the office: bringing fresh croissants and pain au chocolat for the whole team. We are around 10 people and every Wednesday, someone is in charge of bringing the breakfast at the office. We gather at 8:30am with our morning cappuccinos and enjoy a breakfast all together. Since a few weeks and after the “New Year’s resolutions”, we decided that croissant and pain au chocolat were a bit “restrictive”  … so since then, we had different Wednesday breakfasts with apple tart, yogurts, homemade cakes … and tomorrow is my turn to bring breakfast so I decided to come up with an healthy option that would be perfect for an “Office morning Breakfast” ! Hope they will like it because I love it, for breakfast or afternoon tea, this bread is simply delicious. Continue reading