Curry Onion Tart with Walnut and Parmesan Crust

IMG_7185IMG_7183Onion Curry tart … it reminds me from my old days when I was a student in the south of France. It was one of my favorite easy dish I was baking when I was inviting my friends over for Dinner. When I saw this recipe from the Delicious magazine (Feb 2015 edition), I couldn’t resist, I had to try this “more elaborated” version and of course added my touch with the curry 🙂 . Some would say that it is too long to prepare, but actually, it is the perfect starter you can match with a green salad when you have guests, because you can do most of the work the day before. Also, you can imagine I did NOT tell my daughters what kind of tart it was before serving them. It is only after they finished their plate (and asked for 2 more slices …) that  I revealed the main ingredients … They had guessed by then and “admitted” it was really good: Mission accomplished !

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Black Olives and Parmesan Biscuits


This week end was “special occasion” 🙂 We had the family over for my birthday and I was thinking how I am going to set  the table: name tag, classy (new) plates and cutlery, cute purple napkins folded as a lotus flower … and what about some “biscuits” for my guests to tease their appetite ?
Parmesan and Black Olives are delighful mediterranean ingredients, perfect to bring some sunshine in a very VERY snowy day. I wasn’t sure whether my 2 year old son will like them. I bring pride in making him taste everything I cook and, at my surprise, he loved them ! I had to hide the box to make sure he wouldn’t finish them all before the guests show up 🙂  Continue reading

Spinach, Salmon and Red Bell Pepper Muffin

IMG_6769 IMG_6770IMG_6752 IMG_6766 IMG_6765

Muffins are my favourites. Possibilities are endless: sweet, with fruits, double chocolate, moist, you name it ! But I also like them salty with vegetable, spices, ham, salmon, grains … And because you can eat them either warm (just out of the oven, yumm, I can never resist!) or cold the next day, they are the perfect choice for your pic nic, appetizer with friends, light lunch with a green salad at the office … So what is the story behind this one ? Actually, it is my birthday on Saturday, I am turning 34 (ouch!) and my family knows already my Zucchini/Salmon mini cakes or my Chorizo & Cheese muffins, so I had to create a new recipe that they didn’t know. I really like the combination of the smoked salmon with the spinach, but then, I needed some colours: … a red bell pepper, perfect ! A few sunflower & pumpkin seeds, pine nuts on top and here you go ! That day, I was happy with the outcome ! We ate them the same day for lunch with only a couple left over for the following day and they were as good cold than warm. So now, I can make another batch for Saturday ! 🙂  Continue reading

Granny Smith Salmon Tartare

IMG_6529IMG_6533These Holiday Season are for me synonyms of Champagne, Oysters, Chocolate (lots of it!) … and Salmon ! I love Salmon, in all its form: grilled, smoked, steamed (with Grapefruit) and Tartare. The Tartare is usually made from finely chopped fresh raw salmon that will be half cooked by the lime juice. You can eat it plain but I like this mix as the Granny Smith apple adds the crunch & the sweet to the acidity of the lime. And the final touch is the delicious crust of Salmon skin that you add at the last minute 🙂


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Verrine: Lentil & Foie Gras

IMG_6224 IMG_6229

Last week, I cooked lentils for dinner and I decided to use the left over to create little “verrines” as appetisers for my family coming over for the week end. I simply mixed the rest of the lentils, add a bit of sour cream, and with a final touch of Foie Gras on top: delightful ! I serve it cold but you can also decide to serve it warm and add the Foie Gras at the last minute.
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Dried Tomatoes, Olives and Mozzarella Muffin

IMG_6220IMG_6219If you know me or following my blog, you may have already noticed that it is not the first time I try salty muffins. I like them as they are easy to make and you can try out so many flavours. Those ones are vegetarian, “Italian style” with dried tomatoes, green olives and mozzarella (You can also add a tsp of hot spices if you like). They are really good, still warm, just out of the oven. As the batter has to chill at least an hour in the fridge, you can prepare them in advance and add them in the oven just before serving ! Easy 🙂

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Mini BLTs


Mini bites and finger food are my favourites when you have friends coming over for an evening drink. Because, there is nothing formal, people can grab whatever they prefer and keep on “chit chatting”  with one another. But of course, each time we decide to do so, I like to have so many different kind of finger food on the table  that  I usually end up all afternoon in the kitchen but it is worthy, people love it ! This time, nothing fancy but the traditional BLT (Bacon Lettuce & Tomato) sandwich that I have adapted to mini bites, much easier to eat.  Continue reading

Cheese Soufflé / Soufflé au Comte

IMG_6165 IMG_6157
Last time I tried my first soufflé, I was in my 20s and I remember I loved it. So why not try it again … many years later 🙂
The word soufflé comes from the french verb: souffler which means “to blow up” or more loosely “puff up”. And for me, the soufflé is a very french dish/starter that we don’t see that often on the menu of French restaurant nowadays due to soufflés’ tendency to collapse quickly upon removal from the oven. So here I was, warning everyone that once I will call for Dinner time, they all better be at the table because the soufflé does not wait … By the way, you can do soufflé with almost anything: salmon soufflé, roquefort soufflé, chocolate soufflé, strawberry soufflé … etc  Continue reading

Mini cake of smoked salmon and zucchini / Muffin Chorizo and cheese (reblochon)


On Fridays, we like to sit in the living room and watch a family movie all together (or finish one episode of ToyStory if our 2 year-old son is not yet in bed 🙂 ) so, no dinner at the table, but each one grabs a tray and a glass of apple juice (or Grape juice for adults …) and we enjoy the end of the week. I had to find something that was easy to eat and that I could prepare in advance. Those mini cakes / muffin are just perfect, cold or still a bit warm, with a green salad. You can also serve them as appetizers. For the muffins, I used a cheese that is typical from the Alps where I live, it is called “Reblochon”. You may be able to find it in a specialised cheese/foreign grocery store. You can also replace it with any cheese: camembert, mozzarella .. or any local cheese you have 🙂  Continue reading