Galette des Rois – Epiphany King Cake

Dear friends & followers, I haven’t been very good & didn’t post recipes lately but I missed you and I am now back in business ! What is this Frenck King Cake tradition?
This « Galette des Rois » is traditionally shared at Epiphany, on January 6th but you can find them in every bakery in France pretty much during the whole month of January … It celebrates the arrival of the Three Wise Men, Melchior, Caspar & Balthazar coming to welcome and see Baby Jesus. But like many Christian festivals, January 6th corresponds to what was orginally a pagan festival, celebrated by the Romans for the winter solstice and where a Kink or Queen was chosen for one day, by hiding a white or black bean in the cake. It is nowadays a famous cake composed of a puff pastry filled with frangipane (a cream made out of butter, sugar, eggs and sweet almond powder) and where we hid inside a small porcelain figure called the « fève”. My daughters & son love this day as the tradition would say that the youngest kids go under the table when it is time to serve the cake, and they will be the one designated which slice goes to who :a very easy & practical way for the adults to make sure the kid gets the “fève” and is crowned King or Queen 🙂 If you are only between grownups,  the person who gets the slice of cake with the porcelain figure can choose his Queen (or King), and may have some obligations such as singing a song or cooking for everyone … This is a very easy recipe that you can do with your kids and nevertheless DELICIOUS !

INGREDIENTS  – for a pie of 35cm (14 inches)

– 2 rolls of puff pastry (pate feuilletee) = ~ 700grs ( I usually order puff pastry from the local bakery, much better than the one you can buy in the supermarket)
– 130g of room temperature butter
– 180g of granulated sugar
– 3 + 1 eggs
– 240 g of almond powder
– 1 tsp of Vanilla extract
–  1tsp of rhum (optional)
– 1  small charm called “la fève” (= small porcelain figure)
– 1 tbs of icing sugar
– 1 crown ! 🙂


1.       In a bowl, whisk together butter (at room temperature) together with the granulated sugar & vanilla extract until very smooth.IMG_9978

2.       Gradually, add the 3 eggs and mix well. Add the almond powder (and the rhum if you like – optional) and mix until well incorporated.IMG_9979

3.       Roll out half of your puff pastry and place over your tart tin.

4.       Fill in with the “frangipane” (=almond mix) till 1,5cm from the edges and don’t forget to hide your charm (=fève) in the almond filling !

5.       Recover with the 2nd half of your puff pastry, making sure to “glue” the 2 puff pastries together with some water so it won’t open in the oven and having the “frangipane” mix getting out IMG_9986

6.       Chill in the fridge for minimum 2 hrs (or the entire night if you prepare it the day before). Doing so will allow the 2 puff pastries to glue well together and also not to “shrink” in the oven.

7.       1h before serving, pre heat your oven to 200 C (395 F)

8.       Take your galette out of the fridge and brush it with 1 whisked egg. Then, you can do some shapes with the back of a knife.IMG_0038

9.       Put in the oven for 30 to 40 min (After 25min in the oven, spread some icing sugar on top of the galette and put it back in the oven for another 10 to 15 min : it will make your galette crusty and shiny 🙂)

10.   Let it cool down a bit before serving but not too much, it is so much better warm !! (but not the best if you re-heat it in the microwave … ) You can always bring it uncooked to your friends house and cook it at the last minute  IMG_0046


3 thoughts on “Galette des Rois – Epiphany King Cake

  1. So glad to have found your blog! I was looking for a touche de cuisine française ^^
    Love this dessert…and the small figure is so cute!
    I look forward to reading more post and spending time browsing through your recipes repertoire.
    Bonne journée 🙂

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