Liebster Award

Liebster3Thank you to The A-Philosopher’s Chair  who has nominated me for the Liebster Award! What an honor. It took me some time to answer but on the other hand,  it didn’t take me long to choose other nominees 🙂 When I started my blog in November last year, I didn’t know what to expect but now, I enjoy sharing with others, discovering such an amazing community and amazing people. So now, my turn to nominate a few great bloggers 

And below my answers to The a-Philosopher’s Chair questions :

 1. A golden sunset, the starry heavens, or a starless night sky? A golden sunset for sure ! Especially now with the days becoming longer and longer, I very much enjoy spending more time outside, chating with my family, a glass  of red wine in my hands and enjoying the last rays of sunshine ..

2. Which literary or screen figures have been most like sunlight to you? Well, there is Hugh Jackman, Clive Owen,  Chris Hemsworth … but I have the gut feeling they were not who/what you were referring to 🙂..

3. Which real-life figures have been most like sunlight to you? My mom. The more I grow up, the more I realize I am becoming like her (in the good way of course), I love spending time with her, shopping and doing many other things : . She taught me a lot, how to cook, how to run things at home, since a little while, how to garden and arrange flowers ..

4. What is the first word someone says to you in the morning and what is the first word you utter in the morning? (This is a question I’ve asked before, but since I’m quite curious about the answer, I’m posing it again.) Good morning baby / Good night Sweety (not very original, but not I am not getting up or going to sleep without my kiss …)

5. A small glint of golden light is emitting from a window at the top of a tall tower. Another is peeking out from underneath a pebble. Yet another comes from the iris of a woman’s eye. One more beckons to you from the bottom of a lagoon. A final one zips past you from the glittery feathers of a swallow darting by. If you must follow one, which source of light do you go after? I am not sure, the pebble or the swallow …

7. Do you prefer serving your blog sunny-side up, over light, over medium, over well or over hard? Sunny-side up !

8. The times of sunrise and sunset can be calculated through the following equation: cos(ωo) = -tan(φ)×tan(δ)
where ωo is the hour angle at either sunrise (negative value) or sunset (positive value), φ is the latitude, and δ is the sun declination. All variables are in degrees.
If success or a significant other were a sun, what do you think the equation for the start and end of a challenge or relationship would be like? You lost me after the “hour angle at either sunrise […] “…

9. What is the greatest source of hope you see in the current global conflicts? Every tiny steps that people are willing to do to help another. If you ask the right way, most of the people are always happy and ready to help and this gives me good hope for the future.

10. Who has been the greatest influence behind your blog? My family and our Au Pair who has her own blog too …

Now that I answered all my questions, here are my questions for my nominees :

 1.       What is the story behind your Blog name ?
2.       Describe your ideal job.
3.       What is your best “Grand’Ma” recipe ? (don’t forget the link for everyone to be able to try it 🙂 )
4.       What’s are the top 3 places you most want to visit/or you had visited already and totally loved it ?
5.       What did you want to be when you were a kid ?
6.       What is the best photo you have taken?
7.       What makes you smile?
8.       What is number one on your TO-DO list right now ?
9.       What is your best memory?
10.    Any goofy story you want to share ?

And finally, I should not forget to mention the rules for the next nominees : 

– Each nominee must have under 200 followers
– Thank and link to the nominating blog
– Answer their 10 questions and propose 10 new ones for your nominees
– Nominate  4 to 10 blogs and tell them that they’ve been nominated
– Write a post containing the questions
– Include these rules in the post

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