Quick & Easy Green Asparagus wrapped in Smoked Salmon

Dear friends, I am back ! … and I missed you !  I have been away for a few weeks, not able to  share any recipes with you, I think I was in “blog withdrawal” … So I decided that this week-end will be a cooking week-end (easy decision when I saw the weather forecast: rain, rain and more rain !). We celebrated the 11th birthday of my eldest daughter and tradition is to have family around, eat (& drink) all Sunday ! I spent my Saturday grocery shopping for my ingredients, table decoration, and of course making the birthday cake (picture & recipe to come …) , preparing as much as I can for the next day. As we are in the middle of asparagus season, I knew it will be part of my starter : Green Asparagus wrapped in Organic Smoked Salmon, with a warm Verrine of Lentils, Green Peas and small Spring Onions. You can cook almost everything the day before and reserve it in the fridge until you serve (a few minutes in the microwave for the terrine and … Voila !) IMG_8003

Ingredients ( for 10 people):
– 40 to 50 green & fresh asparagus
– 10 slices of organic smoked salmon


  1. Clean your asparagus and cut them all to the same size removing the very hard part
  2. Steam-cook them in the pressure cooker for 4 minutes (not longer or they will be too cooked) or you can also cook them in boiling water for about 20min, checking from time to time with a knife.
  3. Once cooked, align them in a plate delicately and chill in the fridge for 2 to 3 hours (I cooked them the day before and reserved in the fridge all night)
  4. Wrap 4 to 5 asparagus in a slice of smoked salmon, repeat until you have no more asparagus.
  5. Serve cold with French Vinaigrette (or simply olive oil & balsamic vinegar) and a slice of bread.


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