Fresh & Healthy Taboulé / Tabbouleh


I know this recipe since I was a child, my mom used to do it all the time in summer, for a BBQ, a picnic by the lake or a big family reunion … and it was always a huge success. Maybe I am not the most objective person, but this is the best Tabbouleh recipe I have ever tried ! Thank you Mom ! Marinated in lemon juice, olive oil and fresh mint, it is so refreshing and healthy, and you can serve it as an appetiser in mini verrines, as a starter or as a side dish with delicious BBQ ribs … yummy ! I love it and can never have enough of it ! This one is a vegetarian version but you can also decide to add some chicken, or any cold meat you have left over.

IMG_8324  IMG_8327 IMG_8326                                                                          

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Liebster Award

Liebster3Thank you to The A-Philosopher’s Chair  who has nominated me for the Liebster Award! What an honor. It took me some time to answer but on the other hand,  it didn’t take me long to choose other nominees 🙂 When I started my blog in November last year, I didn’t know what to expect but now, I enjoy sharing with others, discovering such an amazing community and amazing people. So now, my turn to nominate a few great bloggers 

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Quick & Easy Green Asparagus wrapped in Smoked Salmon

Dear friends, I am back ! … and I missed you !  I have been away for a few weeks, not able to  share any recipes with you, I think I was in “blog withdrawal” … So I decided that this week-end will be a cooking week-end (easy decision when I saw the weather forecast: rain, rain and more rain !). We celebrated the 11th birthday of my eldest daughter and tradition is to have family around, eat (& drink) all Sunday ! I spent my Saturday grocery shopping for my ingredients, table decoration, and of course making the birthday cake (picture & recipe to come …) , preparing as much as I can for the next day. As we are in the middle of asparagus season, I knew it will be part of my starter : Green Asparagus wrapped in Organic Smoked Salmon, with a warm Verrine of Lentils, Green Peas and small Spring Onions. You can cook almost everything the day before and reserve it in the fridge until you serve (a few minutes in the microwave for the terrine and … Voila !) IMG_8003 Continue reading