Intense Dark Double Chocolate Cookies

IMG_7092IMG_7089IMG_7098Do you remember my “Secret walnut and chocolate-chunk cookie” recipe ? well, I decided to adapt it and make dense double dark chocolate cookies, hoping it will satisfy my crave for chocolate … the results : Why haven’t I tried it before ?!! They are simply to die for: this strong intense cocoa taste combined with the soft melting chocolate chunks … yummmy !  They are crunchy on the outside but nice and chewy in the inside… (haha, I am sure you are now looking whether you have chocolate in the pantry !, don’t you ? 🙂 ) This one goes definitely in my Top 10 !  Continue reading


Mini Bouchées à la Framboise


Are you looking for ideas for Valentines day ? Those cute  “Bouchées” (which means in French “small bites”)  are not the normal-size cup cakes but I baked them in the cute mini cupcakes moulds, and they would be perfect to share with your loved ones. I used my quick and easy vanilla cake recipe and added one raspberry on top of each mini cup cake. It just goes perfectly together: the sweetness of the vanilla with the acidity of the raspberry.  Continue reading

Black Olives and Parmesan Biscuits


This week end was “special occasion” 🙂 We had the family over for my birthday and I was thinking how I am going to set  the table: name tag, classy (new) plates and cutlery, cute purple napkins folded as a lotus flower … and what about some “biscuits” for my guests to tease their appetite ?
Parmesan and Black Olives are delighful mediterranean ingredients, perfect to bring some sunshine in a very VERY snowy day. I wasn’t sure whether my 2 year old son will like them. I bring pride in making him taste everything I cook and, at my surprise, he loved them ! I had to hide the box to make sure he wouldn’t finish them all before the guests show up 🙂  Continue reading