Spinach, Salmon and Red Bell Pepper Muffin

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Muffins are my favourites. Possibilities are endless: sweet, with fruits, double chocolate, moist, you name it ! But I also like them salty with vegetable, spices, ham, salmon, grains … And because you can eat them either warm (just out of the oven, yumm, I can never resist!) or cold the next day, they are the perfect choice for your pic nic, appetizer with friends, light lunch with a green salad at the office … So what is the story behind this one ? Actually, it is my birthday on Saturday, I am turning 34 (ouch!) and my family knows already my Zucchini/Salmon mini cakes or my Chorizo & Cheese muffins, so I had to create a new recipe that they didn’t know. I really like the combination of the smoked salmon with the spinach, but then, I needed some colours: … a red bell pepper, perfect ! A few sunflower & pumpkin seeds, pine nuts on top and here you go ! That day, I was happy with the outcome ! We ate them the same day for lunch with only a couple left over for the following day and they were as good cold than warm. So now, I can make another batch for Saturday ! 🙂 

Ingredients (for about 10 muffins) 
      150g of fresh spinach
      ½ red bell pepper
      120g of smoked salmon 
      1 shallot
      2 eggs
      125g of all purpose flour
      1 ½ tsp of baking powder
      40ml of vegetable oil
      70ml of warm milk
      70g of grated cheese (gruyere)
      1 tbsp & 1 tsp of olive oil
      40g of grains (mix of sunflower seeds, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds)
      salt and pepper
1.   Pre heat your oven to 180 degrees C (360 degrees F)
2.   Cut your shallot & red bell pepper in small cubes.
3.   In a pan, add 1 tbsp of olive oil under medium heat and stir in the shallots, spinach and red bell pepper. Cook it gently under medium heat for about 10minutes. Stir in from time to time. IMG_6758
4.   Meanwhile, cut the smoked salmon in cubes.
5.   In a big bowl, whisk together the flour, baking powder & the 2 eggs. 
6.   Then, add the vegetable oil, 1 tsp of olive oil, warm milk and grated cheese. Mix until well incorporated. 
7.   Add the salmon cubes and the spinach/shallot/red bell pepper. Mix well. IMG_6762
8.   Divide the batter equally into your muffin pan and sprinkle a few grains on top of your muffins. IMG_6764
9.   Bake for 23 to 25 minutes (until the muffins get a nice golden colour) 
10.                Allow to cool for 10minutes.
11.                The muffin are delicious still warm with a green salad or your can keep them in a air-tight container and eat them cold.


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