Coffee-Chocolate Fondant

IMG_6521IMG_6537I haven’t posted many recipes lately and the reason is… I was trying to get my coffee-chocolate fondant recipe right. You know, this fondant you choose at the restaurant and you wonder how come they get it well cooked and still  deliciously fondant inside, well, after a few tests (to the delight of the full family 🙂 ) I came up with this recipe that I am pretty proud about, adding the coffee touch ! 

Ingredients (for 6 fondants):

For the chocolate / coffee fondant (to prepare the day before):
– 50g (2 ounces) of dark chocolate
– 1 tbsp of sour cream
– 1/2 expresso cup coffee

For the chocolate cake:
– 120g (4 ounces) of dark chocolate
– 35g (2 tbsp) of butter
– 3 eggs
– 80g (1/4 cup & 2 tbsp) of granulated sugar
– 1 tsp of vanilla extract (1 sachet de sucre vanille)
– 1 tbsp of all purpose flour


For the fondants:
– Gently melt the chocolate, sour cream and coffee “au bain marie”
– Pour the coffee-chocolate mix in individuals ice cube moulds and put in the freezer all night (the number of fondant will depend on the size of your ice cube mould, better is to have moulds in silicone, it will be easier to remove afterwards)

For the 6 cakes : (once your coffee-chocolate fondant are well frozen)
– Pre heat the oven to 210 degrees C (410 degrees F)
– Put cooking paper on a flat pan that goes in the oven. Grease your bottomless mould and put them on the pan (see picture below)
– In a big bowl, mix together eggs, sugar, vanilla extract and flour.
– In a pan, gently melt the chocolate with the butter “au bain marie”
– Gradually, pour the chocolate/butter preparation in the big bowl and mix until well incorporated.
– Pour the preparation not your 6 bottomless moulds
– Get the coffee/chocolate fondant out of the freezer and pour one in each of the mould (don’t press, just drop it gently in the middle)
– Cook for 9 to 10 minutes
– Let cool for about 5 minutes before removing the mould and serve immediately (so it is still warm and fondant liquid)

What I usually do when I have guests and I don’t want to stay too long in the kitchen, I prepare everything in advance:
– I remove the coffee-chocolate fondant from their silicone ice cubes moulds and put them in a ziploc bag and back into the freezer. Why ? because sometimes, it is a bit tricky to remove them from their mould, so you don’t want to loose time doing this at the last minute…)
– In my double boiler (bain Marie) I weight my chocolate and put aside
– In a big bowl, I mix already the sugar & flour.
… so you have weight the main ingredients and it will be much faster when you have to bake your chocolate fondant ! 🙂

I like to serve my coffee-chocolate fondant with homemade ice cream and / or fresh fruits salad. I hope you will like them !
IMG_6517PS: on this picture, it was one of my first attempt and I cooked them too long, but normally, once cooked, you can still see the chocolate liquid in the middle 🙂


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