Granny Smith Salmon Tartare

IMG_6529IMG_6533These Holiday Season are for me synonyms of Champagne, Oysters, Chocolate (lots of it!) … and Salmon ! I love Salmon, in all its form: grilled, smoked, steamed (with Grapefruit) and Tartare. The Tartare is usually made from finely chopped fresh raw salmon that will be half cooked by the lime juice. You can eat it plain but I like this mix as the Granny Smith apple adds the crunch & the sweet to the acidity of the lime. And the final touch is the delicious crust of Salmon skin that you add at the last minute 🙂


Ingredients (for 6 people): – 500g of fresh Salmon with skin – 1 Granny Smith Apple – 1 spring onion or chive – Juice of 2 limes – Salt & Pepper


  1. Pre heat your oven to 180 degrees C (360 degrees F)
  2. Remove the skin from the Salmon.
  3. Place the skin, flat in between 2 cooking sheet, pressed with a flat pan and cook for about 20minutes.
  4. Once cooked, let it cool down on kitchen paper to absorb the extra oil.
  5. Once totally cool down, cut thin slices and store them on kitchen paper. You will add them on top of the tartare at the last minute, just before serving.
  6. Cut the fresh raw salmon in  tiny cubes,  and put aside in a bowl in the fridge, covered with clear foil.
  7. Peal the apple and cut in very small cubes as well. Chop the chive or spring onion green part in small pieces. Put apple and chive bits together in a bowl, add pour 2 tbsp of lime juice. Put aside in the fridge, covered with clear foil.
  8. 30 minutes before serving, mix together in a bigger bowl, the salmon, apple & Chive. Add the lime juice and mix. Put aside in the fridge until you serve.
  9.  Once you are ready to serve, pour some of the tartare mix in your presentation spoons, add 1 or 2 slices of crusty skin and .. enjoy !

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