Spinach, Salmon and Red Bell Pepper Muffin

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Muffins are my favourites. Possibilities are endless: sweet, with fruits, double chocolate, moist, you name it ! But I also like them salty with vegetable, spices, ham, salmon, grains … And because you can eat them either warm (just out of the oven, yumm, I can never resist!) or cold the next day, they are the perfect choice for your pic nic, appetizer with friends, light lunch with a green salad at the office … So what is the story behind this one ? Actually, it is my birthday on Saturday, I am turning 34 (ouch!) and my family knows already my Zucchini/Salmon mini cakes or my Chorizo & Cheese muffins, so I had to create a new recipe that they didn’t know. I really like the combination of the smoked salmon with the spinach, but then, I needed some colours: … a red bell pepper, perfect ! A few sunflower & pumpkin seeds, pine nuts on top and here you go ! That day, I was happy with the outcome ! We ate them the same day for lunch with only a couple left over for the following day and they were as good cold than warm. So now, I can make another batch for Saturday ! 🙂  Continue reading

Chicken, Chorizo & Shrimp Jambalaya

IMG_2568 IMG_6731IMG_6735Jambalaya is a Louisiana Creole dish of Spanish and French influence. You can find different version of this dish, but I like it with chicken, Spanish hot chorizo and shrimps. You can also replace the Chorizo with sausages such as andouille or smoked sausage, or even make it a vegetarian dish by replacing the meat by meatless sausages, beans or tofu. You will see, it is quite easy to do as you cook all the ingredients together in the same pan. My daughters love it ! I always cook a large portion so we have left over … 🙂  Continue reading

Double Chocolate Pecan Muffin

IMG_6704IMG_6708IMG_6710You won’t learn anything new if I tell you that I am a BIG BIG fan of Chocolate. With this cold weather and the snow outside my window, my wish is to be under my huge warm purple blanket, watching something on TV, with a cup of coffee and one (or two)  big (BIG) Double Chocolate Pecan Muffin … Those muffins are very easy to make and so delicious with the crunch of the pecan nuts, the moist of the chocolate chunks when you just take them out of the oven, and this strong cocoa taste .. yummy … ok, I think I need to go now and eat one more before I finish posting my recipe 🙂 IMG_2531 Continue reading

Really soft White Chocolate and Cranberry Cookies

IMG_6689IMG_6688IMG_6697More cookies ?! I know, you must think I am a cookie-holic (which is not too far away from the reality …), posting 2 cookies recipes in a row … but there is a good explanation to that: earlier this week, I did my Secret White & Dark Chocolate Walnut Cookies, it was to bring to the office (they didn’t last very long …) but then, I only left a few for my kids (and husband 🙂 ). I felt guilty not leaving too many for my own family so only a few days later, I decided to bake another batch but I wanted to try something new. I saw this recipe on the beautiful “Sally’s Baking Addiction” blog. They looked like heaven: under baked and super soft, so I couldn’t resist. If you are like me and you LOVE Super SOFT cookies, you have to try those, they are delicious. Thank you Sally for this amazing recipe …  Continue reading

My best 2 Chocolate chunk & walnut cookies EVER


When I started my blog and after posting a few recipes, my daughters asked me : “Mom, are you going to post your secret chocolate chip cookie recipe ?” .. hum, good question ! I have this recipe since some time now and I have shared it with only a few people … but isn’t my motto :“for the pleasure of cooking and sharing” ? So here I am , “en Avant-Premiere” only for you guys 🙂 my secret recipe of the best chocolate chunk & walnut cookies ! Be aware, they are highly addictive !

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Coffee-Chocolate Fondant

IMG_6521IMG_6537I haven’t posted many recipes lately and the reason is… I was trying to get my coffee-chocolate fondant recipe right. You know, this fondant you choose at the restaurant and you wonder how come they get it well cooked and still  deliciously fondant inside, well, after a few tests (to the delight of the full family 🙂 ) I came up with this recipe that I am pretty proud about, adding the coffee touch !  Continue reading

Granny Smith Salmon Tartare

IMG_6529IMG_6533These Holiday Season are for me synonyms of Champagne, Oysters, Chocolate (lots of it!) … and Salmon ! I love Salmon, in all its form: grilled, smoked, steamed (with Grapefruit) and Tartare. The Tartare is usually made from finely chopped fresh raw salmon that will be half cooked by the lime juice. You can eat it plain but I like this mix as the Granny Smith apple adds the crunch & the sweet to the acidity of the lime. And the final touch is the delicious crust of Salmon skin that you add at the last minute 🙂


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