Bacon-wrapped dried plum


Prunes with bacon ? Some of you may think it’s a strange combination but it actually goes very well one with another, the sweetness of the dried plum with the crunch salty bacon … Give it a try and you will see, it takes 5 minutes to prepare, 5 minutes to cook, and 5 seconds to be eaten !

Ingredients (for about 20 wraps)
– 20 dried plum without the stone
– 20 thin slices of bacon (either smoked bacon or raw bacon)

– Wrap each dried plum with one slice of bacon
– Once finished, put them on a pan and in the oven under the grill
– Leave it under the grill until the bacon is cooked and start grilling getting a nice golden colour (like on the picture)
– Usually, there will be some fat in your plate once grilled, so put your wraps in a serving plate and leave in the warm oven until you serve.
– To be served warm with toothpick
… and let me know how you liked it !


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