Mini BLTs


Mini bites and finger food are my favourites when you have friends coming over for an evening drink. Because, there is nothing formal, people can grab whatever they prefer and keep on “chit chatting”  with one another. But of course, each time we decide to do so, I like to have so many different kind of finger food on the table  that  I usually end up all afternoon in the kitchen but it is worthy, people love it ! This time, nothing fancy but the traditional BLT (Bacon Lettuce & Tomato) sandwich that I have adapted to mini bites, much easier to eat. 

Ingredients for 12 mini BLTs

– 24 bread slices
– 12 bacon slices
– 2 tomatoes
– Cleaned Lettuce leaves
– butter
– Salt & pepper


  1. Put all your bread slices on a oven-pan and put in the oven to grill a bit, until they start to get a golden color. I only do one side of each slice, not both side or the bread may be too crunchy, but then, you can grill both side if you prefer.
  2. Cut your tomato in thin slices, salt and pepper
  3. In a pan (without oil), fry your bacon slices
  4. Butter each bread slice in the inside
  5. In your tray, add one buttered bread slice, lettuce, tomato & cooked bacon, and cover with another bread slice
  6. They are ready to be served !

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