Delicious Orange Fondant

IMG_6141 IMG_6147I like to call this cake Fondant because it is nice, moist and melts in your mouth. IMG_6131

This recipe is another “classic” on my list. And as today is another grey day outside, it couldn’t be better timing for an Orange Fondant to brighten our Sunday, with homemade fresh apple/orange/carrot juice. We invited family for a card game and the cake didn’t last long … in a few minutes it was gone ! I think next time, I will do 2 of them 🙂 Continue reading


Fireman Birthday Party with Fire Engine cake and sugar cookies

IMG_5859IMG_5861IMG_5860My Son turned 2 not so long ago and he is a BIG fan of the serie “Sam the Fireman” (also Toy Story but I had to make a choice and a firefighter cake seemed easier than a Buzz lightyear cake at that time .. 🙂 )
I love Theme Birthday party for kids, it just sounds more fun and you can be sure they will remember forever (ok , maybe not at 2 … ). My eldest daughter still remembers when I did Noddy’s car as birthday cake for her 3 year-old !
So here I am, starting early morning doing the sugar cookies and decorating them with Royal icing, baking the 3 cakes for the Fire Engine Birthday Cake and decorating my table with special firefighter Name Tag !
IMG_5875So, if you have another “Sam the Fireman” fan at home, here some ideas that I hope will be useful ! I have posted below the recipe for the Sugar cookies. Be careful ! They are highly addictive !

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Beef Bolognesi Spinach Lasagna



Beef Lasagna is one of the favourite family dish at home. I usually make a very big portion hoping I will be able to freeze some for one of those evenings you are coming back late from office or feeling lazy … wishful thinking ! We usually either finish the full dish the same day, or there is only one small portion left over for the next day. I don’t add much spices when I cook it, but some tabasco in your plate gives it a nice twist ! Continue reading

Mini cake of smoked salmon and zucchini / Muffin Chorizo and cheese (reblochon)


On Fridays, we like to sit in the living room and watch a family movie all together (or finish one episode of ToyStory if our 2 year-old son is not yet in bed 🙂 ) so, no dinner at the table, but each one grabs a tray and a glass of apple juice (or Grape juice for adults …) and we enjoy the end of the week. I had to find something that was easy to eat and that I could prepare in advance. Those mini cakes / muffin are just perfect, cold or still a bit warm, with a green salad. You can also serve them as appetizers. For the muffins, I used a cheese that is typical from the Alps where I live, it is called “Reblochon”. You may be able to find it in a specialised cheese/foreign grocery store. You can also replace it with any cheese: camembert, mozzarella .. or any local cheese you have 🙂  Continue reading

Tartiflette – French dish from my native Haute Savoie :)


Tartif .. what ?? I know, at first, it isn’t that easy to pronounce but once you tasted it, for sure, you will remember ! This dish is made with potatoes, reblochon cheese, lardons (bacon) and onions.

This is THE speciality from my region in France and just perfect to eat at this time of the year, when it is cold and rainy outside. This time, I decided to do mini-tartiflette that you can eat with green salad & fresh tomatoes, or as a starter when you have guests. But usually, I make a big casserole as main dish and trust me, there is never enough !  So, if you find the reblochon cheese in specialised cheese store/foreign store, don’t wait any longer and make your first Tartiflette and send me pictures, I would love to see my regional dish “travelling” around the world 🙂  Continue reading

Swordfish Curry


What am I going to cook this evening, coming back from work … ?

Sounds familiar to you ?! You bet ! During the week, sometimes, I could just grab a bowl of cereals and here’s Dinner ! I don’t mind cooking, don’t get me wrong here, but it is just ideas that I am missing …
I like to change, one night is fish, another night is meat, then chicken or pork …  So, during the week end, I sit down and think about the menu for the week, something not too heavy for the evening and also not too long to prepare (kids have to go to school / kindergarden). This recipe is one of my classic, it is easy, quick to prepare and cook, and everyone loves it ! I hope you will to 🙂 Continue reading